Plugin Installation


  1. NotifyVisitors Account
  2. For Android : FCM integration
  3. For IOS: Push Notification Certificate


Cordova Integration

Kindly Follow the Android & IOS Integration first. Then you have to follow the this (Plugin Installation) Page.

Install NotifyVisitors library

npm install react-native-notifyvisitors
$ flutter pub add flutter_notifyvisitors

/* this will add a line like this to your package's pubspec.yaml 
    flutter_notifyvisitors: ^1.0.0
npm install cordova-plugin-notifyvisitors
npm install capacitor-plugin-notifyvisitors

Link library to Project

/* For React-Native versions < 0.60 
Skip if using React Native version of 0.60 or greater. 
Autolinking is now done automatically */

react-native link react-native-notifyvisitors

flutter pub get
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-notifyvisitors --variable

// Example
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-notifyvisitors --variable
 Note:- If you added the plugin correctly you will see the following in your CLI.
* cordova-plugin-notifyvisitors version:x.x.x  successfully installed *
npx cap sync

Import NotifyVisitors package

Import the below code to your hybrid platform page to access the Notifyvisitors Plugin methods.

import Notifyvisitors from react-native-notifyvisitors';
import 'package:flutter_notifyvisitors/flutter_notifyvisitors.dart';
declare var NotifyVisitors: any;
import { NotifyVisitors } from 'capacitor-plugin-notifyvisitors';

What’s Next