APNS Auth Keys

App Push Notifications are great tools to engage your subscribers with the relevant content. The tools bring in magnetic growth in terms of conversions and revenues. Also, they are easily reachable to the subscribers as well as the users can receive them even if they are offline.

In this article, you will know more about how to send push notifications to your subscribers by uploading an APNs authenticated key or a push certificate.


In order to send push notifications to the ios users, you are required to upload either an APNs auth key or an APNs push certificate.

It would be recommendable for you to create and upload the APNs auth key. Below are the reasons as to why you must opt to upload the APNs auth key :

Firstly, it is not necessary to renew or regenerate the push certificate.
You can use the created auth key for all the apps, it will prevent you from creating and keeping many push certificates.

What all you require to send the push notifications using an APNs auth key

  • Team ID
  • Auth key file
  • App’s bundle ID.


Below are the steps to create APNs auth key :

  1. First of all, navigate to the apple developer center. Click on the profiles, certificates, and identifiers.
  1. Next, navigate to the keys section and click on the plus button in order to create an auth key.
  1. Add a key name and further select the APNs.
  1. Once you configure the key name, you need to click on the continue button to confirm the key configuration.
  1. You can download the auth key as shown in the below image. Now, upload this key on the NV dashboard.
  1. Search and copy your TEAM ID.
  1. Further move to the NotifyVisitors dashboard: Settings > Mobile Push > IOS.
  1. Now, upload the auth key which you had downloaded. Paste your TEAM ID and your app bundle id which you can see in the XCode.


Note: You also need to select the appropriate mode for sending the push notifications.