Migration To Maven Central

JFrog formerly announced that they will make important changes that will influence users
of Bintray, JCenter. We as developers wouldn't be able to publish new packages on
Bintray after 31st March 2021 and existing packages wouldn't be accessible for use after
1st February 2022.

(Go through the  JFrog blog post for more details.)

We were publishing our Android SDK/artifacts to Jcenter for the recent couple of years
and now we have moved to publish our artifacts to Maven Central. From now onwards all
the artifacts would be available via Maven Central only.

Since existing packages are accessible for download till 1st February 2022 the shutdown
will not impact you immediately. However we hardly recommend you for migrating to the
below shared versions or above published on maven central by the 1st July 2021 or at the
earliest to avoid any issues.

For who not upgraded their app to AndroidX >> v28-5.1.6 or above.
For who have upgraded their app to AndroidX >> v29-5.0.11 or above.