Getting Started

Get NotifyVisitors SDK for multiple platforms.

NotifyVisitors provides SDKs that can be integrated with your website, Android, or iOS application. These SDKs support in driving the On-site / In-App Notifications, Surveys, Push engagements. One can easily create and manage user engagement with all these tools through our dashboard. SDKs also expose APIs to track events and build user profiles.

Connect To Your Ecommerce Stores


Customer Engagement has now become hassle-free at your shopify store. Integrate NotifyVisitors with your app and get started with running campaigns & achieving successful conversions.
Integrate NotifyVisitors app into Shopify Store


Provide your customers with a unique and personalized shoppable experience with magento. Magento integration with NotifyVisitors adds productivity and longevity to your business. Simply purchase NotifyVisitors' software solutions and start serving customers seamlessly.
Integrate NotifyVisitors app into Magento

Other Platforms

NotifyVisitors provides SDKs for the following platforms -

Encryption Key and Brand ID

Follow the below steps to get the encryption key and brand ID :

a. Login to the NotifyVisitors panel > Settings > Integration > Store Integration.

What’s Next