Integrate NotifyVisitors with Magento

  1. Magento is a leading e-commerce platform known for its flexibility, scalability, and feature-rich architecture. Trusted by businesses of all sizes, Magento provides a robust foundation for creating dynamic online stores that cater to diverse industry needs. With a user-friendly interface and a vast array of customizable themes and extensions, Magento allows businesses to tailor their online presence according to their unique brand identity. One of its standout features is its support for a comprehensive range of product types, making it an ideal choice for retailers offering diverse product catalogs.
  1. When you integrate Magento, it helps make things work better, streamline your business operations, and improve the customers’ shopping experience. Due to its expandability and scalability, it's known as one of the best for business-to-business (B2B) online selling. It not only makes your business more efficient but also gives you quick insights about your customers.

Why integrate NotifyVisitors with Magento

  1. NotifyVisitors is an easy-to-use marketing automation software that uses AI and machine learning to give customers a special experience. With more than 6000 clients worldwide, we strive to offer excellent support in many languages. NotifyVisitors works seamlessly with different platforms and services, making it simple for you to connect with a larger audience. Moreover, you don't require any IT or professional programming skills – just one-time coding is enough to integrate your tools with ours.
  1. NotifyVisitors provides tools for customer engagement, conversion enhancement, and analysis:
  • Customer engagement tools:
  • Engage customers on the web and mobile with custom campaigns like email, SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp, signup forms, pop-ups.
  • Conversion optimization tools:
  • Track and understand user behavior to boost your website conversion rates using NotifyVisitors' tools.
  • Analytical software tools:
  • Analyze and evaluate your progress with real-time insights, helping you optimize your campaigns further.

How to integrate NotifyVisitors with Magento

  1. Here are the detailed steps to integrate NotifyVisitors with the Magento Plugin:

Step 1: Package Installation

  1. Click here and download the NotifyVisitors package.
  2. Connect to your server using FTP, SSH, or any other preferred method. Navigate to the root directory of your Magento installation on the server.
  3. Upload the compressed plugin file to the root folder > app > code, then extract file.
  1. Come back to the root folder and run the setup command - php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  1. Clear Cache - php bin/magento cache:clean
  2. Flush Cache - php bin/magento cache:flush

Step 2: API Key Configuration

  1. Now open and signup/login into your account.
  2. Now open the admin panel and navigate to Store > Configuration > NotifyVisitors > General tab to enable plugin, enter your Brand ID and Secret Key, then click on 'Save Config' (get Brand ID and Secret Key from the NotifyVisitors dashboard, Settings > Store Integration).

Step 3: Setup OAuth Permissions

  1. Now open Setup OAuth tab and enter the Integration Name, then click on 'Save Config'.
  1. Now come back to the Magento admin panel and open System > Integrations and click 'Activate'.
  1. Accept all permissions and click 'Authorize'.
  1. If you are not logged into your NotifyVisitors account, then after clicking 'Authorize' a small window pops up, through that login into your account.
  2. Magento Plugin successfully added.