Getting Started

This documentation will give you a brief outline on how to quickly get started with the NotifyVisitors’ Android SDK integration.


  1. Declare the maven repository.
  2. Add required dependencies via the Google Play install referrer dependency (for Play simply install the Referrer, the SDK takes care of the rest).
  3. Configure your Android Manifest file.
  4. Initialize the SDK.
  1. After performing the aforementioned configurations, the NotifyVisitors SDK will start working. You can see the logs in the Logcat Window by filtering the logs via the tag:NotifyVisitors.

This foremost step is the most basic and prominent one to be followed. After following the four steps mentioned in the section above, SDK’s fundamental integration will be complete and if you run your app then you will start getting logs from the NotifyVisitors SDK.

Step - 2 Track Users

This step allows you to register an unknown user with NotifyVisitors.

Step - 3 Track Events

This step immediately begins tracking once you integrate the SDK. These are referred to as System Events, and they start tracking common user interactions with your app and also your campaigns. You can create your Custom Events that will track your user interactions, important to your business growth.

This step guides you to create banners and surveys in the NV dashboard and show them in the app according to your set conditions.

This step allows you to create and send notifications to your app. Various notification templates are available.

This feature is connected with step 5. All the notifications once broadcasted will automatically start reflecting in the notification center.

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