Integration of NotifyVisitors Plugin with Shopify


Shopify app is an e-commerce platform that allows you to build your brand, foster community, and drive traffic to your website. As your customers are omnipresent, you are required to engage them at every channel to provide them a favorable experience.

Therefore it becomes vital to get your app listed in the Shopify store. This is how you can leave a long-lasting impact on the users by engaging them. Also, you can host your entire business website on Shopify which is easy and hassle-free.

If you want to run your NotifyVisitors’ campaigns on Shopify, you need to first be aware of how to integrate NotifyVisitors with Shopify.

Read further to know what steps you need to take for the integration process.

1. Get your shop URL

Find your shop URL in the “url bar of the browser” when you are on the admin page of your Shopify account. The shop URL will appear something like

  1. Go to Install URL.

Once you have received the Shop URL, you can proceed to the following link.


Further, click on the Install unlisted app button.


Note: Remember to replace the with the url that you received in the step one.

  1. Connect it to NotifyVisitors.

If you already have a NotifyVisitors account, you can directly login into it by clicking on the “Log in here” button else signup here.

  1. Go to NotifyVisitors dashboard

Once you will login into the account, you can view the GO TO DASHBOARD button as given in the below screenshot. Click on the button and start using the NotifyVisitors services.


  1. Go to the SHOPIFY STORE and click on the “online store”.
  1. Next, navigate to the left sidebar to select the “THEMES” and click on “CUSTOMIZE”.
  1. Go to the bottom left corner to find “THEME ACTIONS” and click on “EDIT CODE”.
  1. Check in the theme. liquid file to know whether the below NotifyVisitors code is present or not.


{% include 'notifyvisitors %}

If the code is present, then your installation is successful, if not then you have to reinstall the app by following the above steps. Remember to uninstall the app first to reinstall it.