Integration Of NotifyVisitors With Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that lets you build your brand, foster community, and drive traffic to your website. In today's time, customers are omnipresent; you must engage them in every channel to provide them with a favorable experience.

Shopify stores are easy to set up with minimal configuration. You can track users' behavior by integrating it with NotifyVisitors. It will ultimately boost your ROI and increase your e-commerce business revenue. If you want to run your NotifyVisitors campaigns on Shopify, you must first be aware of how to integrate NotifyVisitors with Shopify.

How to Integrate NotifyVisitors with Shopify?

There are two ways to integrate NotifyVisitors with Shopify:

First Method: Connecting the store while signing up with NotifyVisitors.
While Registering on NotifyVisitors, you get an option to Choose Platform, where you need to select Shopify and click on Continue to NotifyVisitors.


Now, it will redirect you to the Integration page where you need to Connect Shopify Store by providing credentials.

First of all, you need to add the Store URL.


After clicking on Connect to Shopify, you will be redirected to the Shopify Website, where you get the option to Install App as shown below.


Once you have installed the App, you will be redirected to the Collect Subscribers Page. Here, in Store Integration, you can do the necessary settings to start collecting data from your Shopify Store.
Moreover, if you want to track new users, just enable the option to start tracking users when they signup on your shopify store

Also, you can enable Default Shopify Events that you want to track in NotifyVisitors, whenever a user hits any event. For example, if a user places an order and you have enabled the order place option, you will be able to track the Order Place Event in NotifyVisitors and run automated journeys.


Second Method: Go to Shopify app store ( and search for NotifyVisitors App.

Now, Click on the NotifyVisitors App and tap on Install App, as shown below.


Once you click on the Install App button, you will be redirected to NotifyVisitors.

Here, when you Log in to the NotifyVisitors Dashboard, click on 'Onboarding', then click on 'Store Integration'. Under the 'Store Integration' section there are three tabs namely 'Direct Integration', 'CMS', 'Domain Routing'. Click on the tab titled 'CMS'.

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Now, once you have clicked Connect to Shopify, you will be redirected to the integration page.


Now, all you have to do is to follow the same steps that we have mentioned above.

How to Sync Shopify Contacts with NotifyVisitors?

Synchronizing contacts allow you to share all the existing Shopify users’ data with NotifyVisitors. To make use of this feature, you need to click on the button- Sync Shopify Users.

Now, to Sync Shopify users, Navigate to Settings> Store Integration> CMS. Since you have already integrated Shopify Store with NotifyVisitors. You will see a configure button, as shown below.


Once you have clicked the Configure button, you will find an option to Sync your Shopify Contacts.


Once you have clicked on it, users’ data will start synchronizing.

Now, to check the status of uploaded user's data. Navigate to Settings> Upload users


Once the user's data is uploaded the status will be changed to Success. Now, to validate the synced users, navigate to Segment> Users List.


Here you will find a list of users who have been synchronized with NotifyVisitors.

This is how you can integrate Shopify with NotifyVisitors.