In-App Notifications

Configure target rules for in-app notifications.

In-app Messaging includes both Banners and Surveys. They are displayed on the basis of user activities on android.

Every event occurs in the context of an Activity. Every activity can be associated with some contextual data, which can be used as targeting rules for In-app Messaging.

Use the below show() Method for every activity. show() Method should be used only once as per the activity.
You can pass an optional callback function as the last parameter if you want to get responses from banners and survey clicks., (JSONObject)customObjects, (String)fragmentName, callback );

Example:-,null,null, function(callback){
 alert("show response : " + callback); 
//fragmentName:- In react you can pass this parameters as null


Dynamic tokens are used to show personalized content in Notification messages in real time.

var customRules = { "category" : "flowers" };
var dynamicTokens = { "name" : "ravi", "age" : 49 };, customRules, null);


This data can be used in configuring targeting rules for the Notifications.

var customRules = { "category" : "flowers" };
var dynamicTokens = { "name" : "ravi", "age" : 49 };, customRules, null);


If you have multiple fragment tabs in your activity, you can use the show method for each fragment and pass the fragment name as the third argument.

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