Get FCM/APNS Token

This function provides FCM subscription token (in case of Android)and APNS token (in case of IOS)



     // response    

Subscribe Push Category

In case you want to create a different category for sending push notifications or you want to unsubscribe users for all categories.

Notifyvisitors.shared.subscribePushCategory(JSONArray categoryInfo, boolean unSubscribe2All);

Example :

var categoryInfo = ["sales", "service" ];
Notifyvisitors.shared.subscribePushCategory(categoryInfo, false);

NotifyVisitors UID

NV UID stands for NotifyVisitors Unique Identifier. We create this ID at our backend side & allot one unique id to every user whether it’s known or anonymous. This ID can be seen in the NV dashboard >> Mobile Push >> Subscribers section.


If any user wants this UID in their app for any use according to their use-case then they can implement this function & it will provide you the UID as String.


Example :

Notifyvisitors.shared.getNvUID().then((value) {
   // response

Get Landing Page Data

If you want to get some data in your application on the clicks of the push notification,
in-app banner and surveys (for page redirection and others purpose).
Call below function on your page which is loaded first when app is open.

Notifyvisitors.shared.getLinkInfo((response) {
//do your task